Sniper Hog Lights

The best bow lights, Rifle lights,Flashlights and feeder lights for all your night hunting needs. If your a coyote, bobcat, Hog, fox or any other night time critter you are no longer safe with Sniper Hog Lights.

Light up the Night with Sniper Hog lights

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               30LR, 50LR and 66LR lights

All three of these lights are interchangeable with each other. For example, if you buy our 30LR bow light and then later you decide you want to have our 66LR light. All you have to do is buy the 66LR head and then you can convert 30LR into a 66LR light that will shine 400 to 800 yards depending on color. All our new lights have interchangeable LED modules so you can change the color and they all have a adjustable focus so you can go from a spot beam to flood beam.

Below is the 66LR rifle light that will shine out to 800 yards.    Below is the 50LR rifle light that will shine out to 600 yards.

 Below is the 30LR bow light that will shine out to 400 yards. 



The 30LR, 50LR and 66LR are replacing our Destroyer and Mini-Sniper lights that are now discontinued. We are offering the lights in several different packages to fit almost everyone's needs.                    



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   There is no other bow mounted light, Gun mounted light or Feeder light on the market that can compare with the light output of Sniper Hog lights.  While others make claims that you can see 200 or 250 yards with their lights, they forget to tell you that is under perfect conditions with the best scopes with their best lights. Sniper Hog Lights out shines and out performs them all. We guarantee the bow mounted 30LR is the best bow light on the market or your money back. With the 66LR and 50LR, we Guarantee you can see further then any other LED light of similar size and price, or your money back.  We test each light with a light meter to make sure it is putting out the amount of light that is up to our standard.  All our new lights come with a Lifetime guarantee.

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Big boars taken with Sniper Hog Lights



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Bow mounted hunting light for Pigs, hogs, boar, hawgs, coyotes, no need for a feeder light with the Mini-Sniper for night hunting. The Mini-Sniper also works great with your rifle or shotgun with our rifle  and shot shotgun mounts. Screw into  your stabolizer hole and does not need any adjustments because it put out so much red light it is always aimed in the right direction. Comes with 18650 rechargeable batteries that will last you years so you wont have to buy batteries. Are New Flashlight makes a great bow fishing light with over 270 lumens and 4+ hour run time.